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Where A Grown-Up Can Be A Kid!

Adult Enjoying Acro Flyer

Being a kid was the best! We here at Team Play remember being a kid and reveling in the sheer joy of tossing water balloons in the backyard with friends or getting out the slip ‘n slide for summer time thrills. Now as an adults, we don’t get quite as many of those moments that is unless you’re a Team Play Events event staffer or you’re one of our clients taking advantage of our amazing inflatables and fantastic event planning skills. Thrills and excitement are the name of our game! Whether you’re looking for a carnival atmosphere, pool party or traditional picnic, we’re your crew. Part of why Team Play Events has been extraordinarily successful as a universal event planning company, it  is our ability to build an event that goes above and beyond meeting the expectations of each and every event client.

Recently, we had an event where every single guest left with ear-to-ear smiles and toweling off from some wet ‘n wild amusement! Our giant Surf ‘n Slide puts the old school slip ‘n slide our childhood to shame!  This amazing inflatable is 34 feet of slippery awesome! It’s soft, safe and smooth sliding all the way from start to finish. Looking for the tallest private waterslide in Los Angeles? Plan your event at our exclusive location Vasa Park! As a part of this ridiculously fun event, our guests added the use of our 274’ Waterslide to their event package. Heck we’ve even planned an entire event around just the Waterslide for birthday parties and other themed events! It really is just that much fun!  

The amazing thing about working for such a thriving event planning organization is the knowledge that we can make magic happen no matter what the budget might be or the challenges. With many public venues such as public parks, creating new guidelines for equipment and inflatables that are allowed to be brought onto the properties, Team Play Events is always thrilled to offer the option to plan any kind of event at Vasa Park. Vasa Park is like a private event oasis with more amenities than the average event location. It’s a place where a grown-up can be a kid again! Part of why all of us do what we do is to give people the chance to step out of their every day routine and experience the pure joy that comes with having  a genuinely amazing time. Most adults are kids at heart, and we are no exception! Around the office we live for these moments.

Do you have a memory you’d love to share from your childhood? Share it with us on Facebook today!          

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