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Water Balloon Toss Vasa Park

Picnics are all about fun! Especially our picnics, whether it’s a large corporate event or a small family get together Team Play Events has picnic fun down to science and like a good equation our picnics always equal FUN times for everyone! Recently, one of our fans reached out to us via Facebook to ask a question about planning a small picnic for her family of six. Specifically, could we suggest some picnic games that she and her family could do together to spice up their adventure outdoors. How could we say no?!?!


Here are some awesome ideas for family picnic games that kids of all ages will adore:  


Mummy Contest: Divide the group into teams. Provide each team with 2-3 rolls of toilet paper. Instruct them to choose a player to be the mummy, and the must make the selected person into a mummy using the toiler paper. The first team with a completely covered mummy wins.

Photo Scavenger Hunt: This one's best for older kids and teens. If you've planned a big bash that lasts all day, this might be good for activity for an hour or so at the end of the day. For complete instructions, read the article, "How to Plan a Photo Scavenger Hunt."

Water Balloon Toss Game: Fill a lot of balloons with water. Ask each child to get a partner. Give each team of 2 a water balloon. Have the players stand very close together and throw the the balloon back and forth. Each time after the balloon is tossed, the players must take one step backwards. The farther they go, the more likely they will not catch the balloon and it will break. The last team to have an intact water balloon wins.

Croquet: Every family can benefit from having one of these handy sets around for adventures to the park, camping or simply to your own backyard! Croquet is a fun skill game that can be played with only a few players. For rules check out, The Rules of Croquet.


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