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Picnic Virgins Beware!

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Should you have been so lucky as to be the employee that drew the short stick to plan this year's company picnic, don't stress. Team Play has solutions to all the usual Picnic Virgin pitfalls.  Newbie planners between often end up between a rock and hard place and holding the trash bag during clean-up post-event. However, with some careful organization and a great event planning company behind you, you'll be able to dodge all those pitfalls and come out looking like a pro! Here's a few to be aware of...

1. Don’t depend on the kindness of friends or co-workers for entertainment or to get things set up. This likely will lead to complications and tension during the planning process that is completely unnecessary. Hire quality entertainment that has good standing with past clients and fits the mood and tone you want to set for your event.

2. Look for a caterer that understands picnics. Knowing the difference between catering picnic food and making sandwiches and potato salad is going to make the difference between happy co-workers and grouchy stares on Monday morning. Serving outdoors requires an entirely different set of knowledge, equipment and staff. Ask your potential caterer about their chaffing dishes and what their setup is for a picnic area and how they plan to utilize their staff to keep the food coming.

3. Try to book as soon as you have a date in mind, and announce it to your team. Good locations for company picnics are tough to come by, and the first-rate ones book early. Save money and time by assessing all fees in advance, putting down your deposit and knowing what you have left to spend on the activities and entertainment.

4. Take notes on everything and even create a folder where you keep all your contacts and after the event, make a list of Do’s and Don’ts so you can use them next year! With all your newfound experience, you might volunteer to make sure everyone has a blast again! Or make sure you call in sick the next straw drawing day...


All of the above can be a huge undertaking for a newbie to the event planning world but, our team has the most amazing skills and can take the pressure off of you while making you look like a picnic planning star! Don’t hesitate to call us with questions! We’d love to take a stab at planning your company event and show you just how simple and easy being in charge of event planning can be when you hire the right staff.

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