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Not Just Delivery!

Foodie Booth Catering

Picture this… It’s just another Friday afternoon in the office. Everyone is working diligently to get their stacks of unfinished work done before the end of the business day. Fliers have been passed around the office announcing a special Employee Appreciation Lunch for everyone. And everyone is expecting the typical bland unexciting food choices or maybe a giant submarine sandwich with a few not-so-thrilling side items.


This year the HR Manager did their homework and realized that their budget was not a barrier if they partner up with Team Play Events!

A win for everyone! Tantalizing and tasty menu items served fresh to the entire office and presented in a professional manner that takes what could be a bland catered lunch into a fabulous luncheon experience. Utilizing our private catering service, Great Grills & Catering, our event planners are able to coordinate all the logistics for preparing fresh and tasty morsels often times on-site and ensuring timely delivery so that every bite is delicious! Showing your team that they matter is important to long-term success. In general employees who possess a sense of importance with executive management perform to higher standards overall. And who doesn’t love feeling like their work is valued!? Frequently budget constraints come with the immediate conclusion that the team can’t afford professional catering, alas this is not the case when you’re working with Team Play Events. Our staff creates expertly designed menu items that fit into your budget without letting anyone in on the need to pinch any pennies. Planning an employee appreciation event might seem as easy as dialing your local pizza joint but it can leave your team feeling less than motivated. Taking the time to enlist the assistance of a team like ours can make the difference in turning employee grumbles into employee smiles! Take a moment to peek at our menus, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call - we're here to make sure your employee appreciation lunch is without a doubt the most motivating lunch on earth!            

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