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How to Start Your Office Morale Makeover!

Teambuilding at Vasa Park

Once you have made the brilliant choice to schedule your workforce for a teambuilding day with Team Play Events, the key to success is to realize that the morale makeover starts even before your day of activities.

Alert your staff of the choice to create a partnership with a coach from Team Play Events in order to help them feel they are a part of the process and have some ownership over the results. Begin by creating a dialogue in a meeting with your management, and indicate that their team’s feedback is welcome in the planning process. Not only will this create a buzz prior to the day of the event, but this kind of inclusion gives our staff a jumping off point for selecting experiences that are goal-oriented and exhilarating!

Here are some handy prep tips for planning your Team Makeover:

  1. Encourage Participation - Prepare a feedback form for everyone in the department. Include questions that support honesty about each individual’s thoughts on strengths and weaknesses and areas that may need improvement.
  2. Develop a Training Platform - Use the feedback to gather information and begin goal setting that will help your Team Play Coach create an event tailored to your teams ultimate goals.
  3. Decide on a Budget – A core piece to making this kind of collaboration successful is knowing where you stand with your budget. Regardless of the budget, our team is capable of using our skilled staff to create the most extraordinary event possible.
  4. Collaborate with a Coach – Once you have your objectives and budget ironed out, begin collaborating with your coach to create a training plan for the day. Team Play Events has the use of a private park that allows for all the focus to be on your team of individuals without distraction.

Combined efforts can be the difference in creating adjustments to your staff morale, project turnaround times and increased attendance. One and all in the workplace will benefit from a well-thought out and highly detailed plan for a day of building up your teams overall drive to thrive. Turn all your teams’ efforts into victories the Team Play way!

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