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What's New at TPE

A lot, actually, and we just keep adding more! Keep checking in here for the latest news regarding our entertainment, equipment, and general updates from the fabulous team at Team Play Events!

How Your School Can Throw the Best Outdoor Events — and Raise Money in the Process

Whether you’re teaching students their ABCs or diving into the complexities of pre-calc, throwing an outdoor fundraising event is a great way to inject fun into the classroom and raise some money. As fun as these events can be, they don’t magically happen out of thin air. It takes coordination, leadership, and great active minds to end up with an event that everyone can enjoy.  
How Your School Can Throw the Best Outdoor Events

Tips for Planning the Ultimate Company Picnic

A company picnic can boost morale, promote collaboration, and show appreciation for your team. However, events like these take careful planning and coordination if they want to be remembered for all the right reasons.
a person playing rock em sock em at a corporate event

2019 Team Play Open Houses

You're invited! (Yes, YOU!) Come join us at one of our 2019 Open Houses to enjoy a delicious lunch, take a look at some of our newest activities and attractions, and chat with us about how we can be of assistance with your next event! Whether you're looking to plan a company picnic, corporate event, birthday party, school event, or something else entirely, we can help! Give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions or would like to RSVP. We look forward to meeting you!  
2019 Team Play Events Open Houses Flyer

Showtime Entertainment Package

Our Showtime Entertainment Package will get everyone in your group involved in picnic fun throughout the day. Our talented MC and their assistant(s) will lead your group through tons of fun games that are just as much fun to participate in as they are to watch. As the day continues, our MC will also facilitate classic party games (such as Name That Tune and Bingo among others) as well as your classic picnic games (Sack Races, Buddy Walkers, and - of course! - a Water Balloon Toss, just to name a few), and so many more!
Showtime Entertainment Package

Foodie Booths

Foodie Booths (the catering division of Team Play Events), are a beautiful alternative to the tried-and-true food truck. They're adorable, eye-catching food booths packed with mouthwatering menus that set up easily for any occasion. With over 15 different eye-catching booths boasting dozens of customizable menu options, we take the fun of a food truck and remove the exhaust - and exhaust-ing process of trying to coordinate multiple different trucks in order to ensure that you have enough variety at your event.

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