Southern California Event Planning

The answer to your Holiday Party budget problem is right in front of you!

Yup, you know you need to get moving with planning your company’s holiday event but you’re procrastinating.  Could it have anything to do with how some of your best laid plans have somehow busted your budget in years past? 

Like the year you went with the upscale venue to make it a little more festive, budgeting a certain cost, only to find out there was a SERIOUS up-charge for the holidays?  Happy Holiday, right?

So you deal with the venue cost.  But there’s the extra cost to decorate; the coordination and time to get people there and the reality of attrition, set up charges, take down charges, service staff charges, the number of which to be determined by the venue along with the additional fees!  Linen, china, arrangements, trash and on and on. ARGH! Enough with the extra service charges already! 

Every added cost cuts into anything else you wanted to do for your employees. Then, after all of your hard work, planning and budgeting, the looks and whispers about the gifts or yearend bonuses that might have been if not for the swanky venue!  So, really?  You can’t get mentally ready to do that again?  Who can blame you?  But, how about if you didn’t have to go through that again?

How about if you could get a venue at no cost or if any, very minimal cost?  Sound good?  Sure!  Here’s what you do.  Let us transform your office space into the perfect Holiday venue!  Your space will be made over in dazzling decor (don’t worry, we have everything!).  Plus you get expert service, creative menu options, and happy employees! All at significantly less cost to you than an offsite venue would charge with no hidden fees! 

Best yet, it’s all done for you!  Save all those fees and do something EXTRA SPECIAL for your employees this year! 

You can stop procrastinating now and call Team Play Events today!

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