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Senior Event Sales Manager

Victoria Reaves


Victoria is the newest addition to the Team Play family. Planning events is far more than just a passion of Victoria's - in fact, she describes them as being the ultimate adrenaline rush. She has been planning events both professionally and personally for the past 17 years, when she began pursuing her passion for events by planning parties for her local Boys and Girls Club.

Victoria studied Marketing and Communications at CSU, Dominguez Hills in Carson, California, and has an extensive events background planning corporate events and meetings. Her experience spans various industries including large non-profit agencies, trade associations, and franchising, and she plans to earn her Certified Meeting Planner and Special Events Planner designations by the end of 2020.

In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her daughter (who she affectionately refers to as her "mini me") and her boyfriend. They love singing songs, dancing, doing arts and crafts together, and watching movies. Victoria also designs luxury paper flowers for local businesses, birthday parties, weddings, retail design, and so much more. She has a profound passion for people and parties and is so excited to be a part of the Team Play team!


Favorite Piece Of Equipment: Rock 'Em Sock 'Em

Favorite Picnic Race Game: Inflatable Pony Races



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