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Events At Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park
4117 Overland Avenue, Culver City, CA


Though this park may seem small upon first glance, it's packed with ball fields, basketball and tennis courts and a soccer field. If you are looking for an intimate location to entertain your employees, Veterans Park might be a good place to check out.

Veterans Park Amenities:

  • Children's Play Equipment
  • Recreation Hut
  • 1 Picnic Shelter
  • 12 eight foot tables
  • 6 Barbeques
  • 2 Softball Diamonds
  • 2 Basketball Court
  • 2 Tennis Courts
  • 1 Soccer Field
  • Grass area
  • Night Lighting
  • Restroom Facilities

Reservation Information:
For more information about Veterans Park, call the Culver City Parks and Recreation Department. Or, better yet, give Team Play Events a call - we can help you with all those reservation and permit applications, submit insurance for your event, and can help you plan your company picnic from start to finish so all you have to do is enjoy the day!

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