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Teambuilding Culver City-Tellefson Park

Tellefson Park
Washington Place & Tilden Avenue, Culver City, CA View Map

Tellefson Park in Culver City has 1.5 acres of land and is a great location for a teambuilding event. With flat, green grass areas, there is space for fun, creative teambuilding games and activities. Team Play Events can set up teambuilding initiatives for your employees in Tellefson Park which also has picnic tables and restrooms available for use. This park may be too small for a full blown company picnic that includes employees and families. So if you need a larger park, check out a complete list of company picnic locations in Southern California.

Tellefson Park Amenities:

  • Restroom Facilities
  • 1 picnic Shelter
  • 2 Barbeques
  • 1 Children's Play Equipment
  • Inflatable play equimpent allowed with permit
  • Grassy area

Reservation Information:
For information on using Tellefson Park for your teambuilding event or company picnic, contact Culver City Park and Rec District or for help determining the best location for your gathering, contact Team Play Events at (818)889-3336. They plan events in a huge variety of parks and can give you the best options that fit your specific needs.

Planning a Successful Teambuilding Event:
Improving your employees' moral and productivity takes the expertise of professionals who have a passion for inspiring others to be their best. Teambuilding is most successful when the program is custom designed for the group involved. Team Play Events thrives on planning and executing teambuilding events that bring employees together as a cohesive group. Contact Team Play Events to develop goals for your company and plan a teambuilding event to reach those goals. (818)889-3336