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Corporate Picnic Culver City-Syd Kronenthal Park

Syd Kronenthal Park
3459 McManus Avenue, Culver City, CA View Map

Syd Kronenthal Park could be a good choice for your corporate picnic in Culver City, especially if your company isn't too large. With 6 acres of land, there is plenty of space to play traditional picnic games and set up play equipment for kids and adults alike. There are 2 picnic areas with capacities of 25 and 100 guests. If you plan to have more guests, there are alternative parks in Culver City that might be a better fit. 

Syd Kronenthal Park Amenities:

  • 2 picnic areas
  • 5 Barbeques
  • 2 Children's Play Equipment
  • Inflatable play equipment allowed with permit
  • 2 Softball Diamonds
  • 2 Half Court Basketball Court
  • 1 Soccer Field
  • Grass area
  • 1 Tennis Court
  • Night Lighting

Reservation Information:
Call Syd Kronenthal Park at (310)839-0127 or even better, contact Team Play Events at (818)889-3336 for all reservation and permit information for Syd Kronenthal Park and many others. They will help you make an informed decision on the best place to host your corporate picnic in Culver City.

Planning a Successful Corporate Picnic:
The best way to plan a successful corporate picnic is to get Team Play Events on your team. Going it alone while trying to do your full time job can create chaos in many ways. It IS Team Play Events' full time job to plan and execute your event to perfection. They will facilitate your reservations with Syd Kronenthal as well as provide you with catering, inflatables entertainment and much more. As Southern California's premier event company they don't just deliver, they over deliver. Your family or corporate picnic is their top priority and their goal is to make your event something to remember. Team Play Events--For all your event needs. 818-889-3336 or email