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Event Planning Los Angeles

Event planning in Los Angeles can be exciting and overwhelming all at once. Finding the perfect location, deciding on a menu, choosing appropriate and original entertainment can be daunting to even the most organized. Event planning in Los Angeles is what Team Play Events does every single day, so why not let them lighten your load?

Before contacting Team Play Events, consider the following:

1. What is the purpose for your event and what do you hope to accomplish through it? Are you celebrating a special occasion (a family, company or holiday party)? Are you trying to establish team coherency (team-building)? Or do you just want to reward your group for their hard work with some good ole' fun (company picnic)

2. Who will be invited to attend your event? Adults? High school or college students? Young children? A mixture of some or all of the above?

3. What is your budget? Make sure you have a firm understanding about how much you can spend before starting your event planning in Los Angeles.

Then STOP! Don't go any further! Contact Team Play Events!

Why? Team Play Events consultants can help you generate ideas for locations, themes, menus and activities specific to your event. Event planning in Los Angeles is our specialty and we have the inside information on the best venues, food and equipment available for any type of gathering and any size budget.

Many companies tasked with event planning in Los Angeles choose to utilize our 30 acre private picnic facility in Agoura Hills, just outside of Los Angeles. Decked out with huge shade trees, alpine slide, a 274’ ft. waterslide and inflatables galore, it’s an awesome choice that only Team Play Events can offer. If our location doesn’t suit your needs, however we have tons of other event locations in and around Los Angeles to choose from and can even work with a location you may already have in mind.

We also have our own catering division, Great Grills and Catering, so we can customize your menu to your needs. Whether you are looking for BBQ, Pasta, Vegetarian, or Seafood, we can prepare it – just ask!

When it comes to entertainment, Team Play Events is second to none. Check out our huge array of event entertainment that we can mix and match to your specific theme, crowd and budget. Our friendly staff is familiarized with all of our equipment and will be on hand at your event to make sure everything is safe and fun!

Call Team Play Events at (818)889-3336 today for your event planning in Los Angeles and put your mind to rest.

The hardest part is deciding how much fun to have!

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