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The answer to your Holiday Party budget problem is right in front of you!

Yup, you know you need to get moving with planning your company’s holiday event but you’re procrastinating.  Could it have anything to do with how some of your best laid plans have somehow busted your budget in years past? 


We know them all. We love them all. Truly there is something wonderful to be said for just about any group picnic site, Oxnard to San Diego and all points in between. However, there is more to be said about some company picnic locations than others. And we think Frank G. Bonelli Park is one of those locations you can’t say enough about.


It’s THE BIG GAME TIME! Is your company one of an estimated 1/3 of all American companies that celebrates the biggest game of the season with an office pool? Love it or hate it, indeed is it a sacred tradition at your company you don’t dare tamper with? Yet, while you watch staff studying the match-ups and making picks, are you saying to yourself: "This can’t be legal."? In short: No, it isn’t. Betting sports is legal only in Nevada. So now what?

Holiday Menu Magic

Some of the worst parts of holiday parties is the bland and boring buffet food or the pre-ordered menu items that leave a lot of be desired. Even if your decor is stellar and beyond belief if your menu selections are drab and disappointing then your guest are sure to lost the magic created by the wonderful theme your event planner has created.

Holiday Party Planning Made Easy!

The holidays are coming!

Everyone here in the office loves the holidays, from Halloween to New Years and everything in between. ‘Tis the season to bust out the very best for your holiday party, whether it’s an event celebrating the success of co-workers or simply a dinner party to enjoy the company of family and friends. Small or large, the Team Play Events staff has the knowledge and the experience to assist with planning the holiday event of your dreams!

Creative Catering...

Food. It’s often the reason many folks attend events. Corporate events, company picnics, birthday parties and event weddings, quite frequently are made or broken by the execution of a menu. Certainly we all go for the main event, however if the food is lackluster than so is the memory of the event ultimately. A well-executed menu with creativity and style is just as important as the entertainment and the ambiance!

Fall into Fall!!!

Living here in Southern California, we tend to be a little seasonally challenged, and while we adore it most of the time when others are enjoying the leaves falling and a crispness to the air many Californians start took look for ways to bring Fall into their homes.



Big Success for Little Folks!

There is something so truly magical about seeing the smiling faces of children frolicking through Vasa Park, and hearing the sound of music fill the air and rise up over the gorgeous Santa Monica Mountains in celebration of amazing individuals.

Dynamic Dinner Party Tips!

It’s almost October! That’s right kids, the year has flown by like the snap of our very busy fingers.  With the weather changing the leaves beginning to fall here at Vasa Park, we’re starting to get excited about holiday planning, and you know what that means! Lots of holiday recipes are circulating around the office, potlucks abound and dinner parties with fun fall themes are taking over our calendars.